Why you should know about us?

Nearly 8 in 1,000 adults (particularly above 65 years old), experiences adverse drug effects from steroids, opiates/narcotics, antibiotics, and anticoagulants. The concept of personalized medicine (Pharmacogenetics), in which drugs/drug combinations and doses are customized based on the genetic makeup of a group of patients or an individual, gives the hope of reducing adverse drug reactions and increasing drug efficacy. This can be used as a prognostic tool for determining appropriate drug and dosage for a patient before starting drug therapy. However, the methods currently employed for pharmacogenetic analysis are laborious, expensive and have high turn-around-time, which restricts the clinical utilization of pharmacogenetics. We provide reliable solutions for this gap through our affordable, rapid technology for pharmacogenetic analysis, which can be performed by the treating clinician without the need for a sophisticated laboratory.


Advantages of our technology

  • Less turn-around-time
  • Affordable cost
  • Rapid testing
  • No need for laboratory expertise
  • IoT integrated