How a genetic test can help you with hair loss?

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can have genetic components. The most common form of hair loss with a genetic basis is androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss is inherited in a polygenic manner, meaning it involves multiple genes. It’s also influenced by environmental factors. Genetic testing can provide information about an individual’s risk of developing AGA, which might be helpful for early intervention or lifestyle changes.

Who should take these genetic tests?

  • Individuals with a family history of hair loss

  • Those experiencing early signs of hair loss

  • People considering preventive measures

  • Individuals planning hair transplant surgery

  • Anyone curious about their genetic predisposition

What do we offer?

D-Tricho is a set of genetic tests offered by us to analyze an individual’s risk of hair loss and if they are under medication for hair loss, our genetic tests help in personalizing the treatment to reduce the side effects or improve medicine efficacy.

D-Tricho Alopecia - Hair Loss Risk Screening Test

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male or female pattern baldness, is a common form of hair loss that affects both men and women. It is the most common cause of hair loss, typically characterized by a gradual thinning of hair, usually on the scalp. It tends to run in families, suggesting a genetic predisposition. Specific genes inherited from either or both parents can make a person more susceptible to hair loss. This genetic screening test helps you to understand the genetic information of 15 genotypic variations in 5 genes associated with AGA (hair loss / male pattern baldness). Individuals with high risk will be recommended for further tests.

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D-Tricho MR - Minoxidil Response Test

Minoxidil is a FDA approved drug for hair loss and is commonly prescribed. Minoxidil is mostly effective in people with recent or mild hair loss, however results vary from person to person, and it may take several months to notice. This genetic test can help the person to understand whether minoxidil will work for them or not, rather waiting for months and get disappointed.

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D-Tricho FS - Finasteride Side Effects Test

Finasteride has been shown to be effective in promoting hair growth and slowing down hair loss in men with male pattern baldness. It is particularly effective at regrowing hair on the vertex (top of the head) and crown (back of the head). It may also prevent further hair loss in some men. One of the most widely discussed side effects is a decrease in libido (sex drive) and erectile dysfunction. Some men may experience other side effects such as breast tenderness or enlargement, skin rash, and depression. This genetic test will help in calculating the personalized dosage of Finasteride in order to reduce the side effects and improve efficacy of medication.

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