Privacy Policy:

30M Genomics is built on the trust, transparency and choice of our valuable customer, “YOU”. You have complete control over your sample and data. We respect your privacy and it’s our responsibility to provide you a safe and trustworthy place to know your genetic information

  • All samples will be securely destroyed after 90 days of providing the specific genetic test report.

  • The choice to participate in research or commercial product development by including your sample, is completely up to you.

  • If you choose to participate in research, your de-identified data will be pooled with data from other participants. You can withdraw your participation in research at any time, no compensation will be claimed.

Information we collect:

  • Your personal information like name, address, mobile number, email ID, date of birth and self-reported health information will be collected and stored.

  • Your genetic information will be stored and may be used for research purpose upon your consent

  • Your behavior of using our services and website will be collected through cookies, log files and similar technologies

How we use your information?

  • We use the information collected from you to provide improved services to you and other customers in future.

  • To develop, improve and safeguard our services, also to analyze the trends of usage of services

  • To conduct surveys or polls and to obtain testimonials from you regarding our services

  • For legal, licensing and regulatory obligations

  • If you choose to participate, in research and development of new products and services.

Usage of your information in research:

  • Your de-identified and self-reported health information will be used for research , only if you consent to participate

  • Nothing changes about the service provided to you by 30M Genomics, based on your consent to participation in research

  • The research data or summaries may be shared with research collaborators (internal and external) and in publications

  • Your information will not be shared with third parties related to law and public interest, unless with a valid court order.

Data Protection:

  • All information provided by you will be captured and stored to create a unique QR code.

  • The samples will be tracked throughout the process with this unique QR code and the personal information will be delinked.

  • The reports are password protected and only you can access them.