Terms & Conditions:

Understanding the report:

  • The genetic tests offered by 30M Genomics are not for diagnostic use and the results must be interpreted with clinical data.

  • The genetic results may cause anxiety in some people as you may receive information about you which is not anticipated. In such cases, help from a clinician or genetic counselor is recommended.

  • No medical treatment or lifestyle changes should be initiated solely based on the genetic test reports, without consultation with clinician

  • Positive / Pathogenic / High risk in the result does not assure that the individual or patient will get the disease/condition and the chances are altered by environmental factors

  • Similarly, a negative report does not guarantee complete prevention from any disease/condition to the person who took the test.

  • Although DNA based tests are highly accurate & specific to diseases/conditions, the report and underlying genetic information provided is based on current scientific & clinical literature available in public domain, which may be updated in future with scientific advancements.

  • The testing technology used by 30M Genomics is scientifically robust and validated in comparison with gold standard technologies. We follow standard practices for testing of samples and calibration of technology, however, there are minor chances for error due to unforeseen conditions, for 30M Genomics cannot be held responsible.

Who can use our services?

  • Anyone above the age of 18 years old are authorized to utilize our services on their own. Tests for individuals less than 18 years old can be ordered by their parents, legal guardians or representatives.

  • We process your samples only if you agree with the informed consent

  • No forensic samples or samples of deceased will be processed

  • No services will be provided to any individuals or institutions under the influence or direction of insurance companies.

By using our services, you agree to,

  • Provide permission to 30M Genomics, to process and analyze your submitted sample(s)

  • Permit 30M Genomics to disclose the results to you and other you authorize

  • Understand that by providing your sample and having processed genetic information, you cannot claim rights in any research or commercial products developed by 30M Genomics.

  • Understand that you will not receive any compensation for including the result from genetic testing in any research or commercial products/marketing, provided your personal details are not disclosed to anyone in any form.

  • Not to post or circulate any unethical/unlawful information in social media or any platform, based on your sample collection, processing and result of the tests.

  • Not to manipulate the results/report in any form for whatever purpose.

  • Not to harm minors or anyone by any means

The terms & conditions are subjected to change and in the event of changing, the modifications will be effective immediately.